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Ningbo manka environmental engineering co., LTD

Ningbo manka environmental engineering co., LTD is ningbo engaged in the indoor formaldehyde、In-car air monitoring management professional company,For ningbo city government building、Group enterprise office building、Places of entertainment、Hotels、New housing、The kindergarten、The school、The hospital、Banks provide good indoor environment detects the management service。The company has made governance qualification certification and brand authorization,In accordance with the company《Public construction engineering indoor environment pollution control norm(GB 50325-2001)》And《Indoor air quality standards(GB/T 18883-2002)》,To create“Ningbo indoor environment purification industry number one brand”。

Unified social credit code:91330203MA282Y4P1P The registration authority:Ningbo haishu district market supervision and administration
Scope of business:Indoor air monitoring,Formaldehyde detection,Environmental testing,Indoor air pollution control,Formaldehyde governance,Environmental pollution control,Service of government of indoor formaldehyde,Environmental protection engineering construction、Technology development、Technology transfer、Technical consultation、Technical inspection,Environmental protection equipment、The wholesale of air purifying agent、Retail,Self-support goods or commissioned goods and technology import and export,But the state limit or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology except。

Ningbo manka environmental engineering co., LTD. Not only have good product、Professional construction team、Excellent management personnel、Have a sincere heart more!We are always adhering to the“The good faith to win the world”Business philosophy and“The heart has a green future”The development of the mission,Unity upward、Fighting innovation,Effective removal of formaldehyde、Benzene series、Ammonia、TVOC、Smell the poisonous and harmful gas such as,And ensure no secondary pollution。Residents to create a better green for ningbo people to strive for a clean living space!